DSC's new Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Detectors: LC-151 Single PIR & Microwave with adjustable Pet Immunity & LC-171 Dual PIR & Microwave with Pet Immunity

New Motion Detectors Take Advanced Protection Outdoors

ISC WEST -- Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, April 1, 2009 – DSC has added to the successful LC series of detection devices with the new LC-151 & LC-171 Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Detectors, designed for outdoor perimeter protection. The LC-151 and LC-171 are dual technology motion detectors that combine passive infrared and microwave detection with pet immunity.

The LC-151 and LC-171 detectors provide improved outdoor protection against intruders, before they make it too far on to a property or close to premises. With advanced digital signal processing, these detectors provide accurate analysis of body dimensions and differentiation from backgrounds and pets or other animals to ensure RELIABLE detection and false alarm immunity. Digital signal processing provides consistent communication because the signal is resistant to electrical (either radio frequency or electromagnetic) interference. Upon quick analysis of the signal from the detector, if an intruder is identified, the device will instantly notify the alarm system.

The LC-151 combines one passive infrared (PIR) sensor with a microwave sensor for microwave (MW) detection. The LC-171 combines two PIR sensors, both which must be tripped, with a microwave sensor. These elements work to detect intruders without detecting pets or other animals, with the highest level of accuracy to prevent false alarms.

Precise sensors provide QUALITY detection while at the same time ignoring pets or other animals weighing up to 33lb (15kg) without lens, up to 80lb (36kg) with lens, in the case of the LC-151, and 77lb (35kg) for the LC-171.

The sensors are easily adjusted to customize range of detection.

DSC designs and manufactures exceptional products that work when it matters most.

For more information on the LC-151 Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Detector (Single PIR & Microwave) with adjustable Pet Immunity & LC-171 Dual-Tech Outdoor Motion Detector (Dual PIR & Microwave) with Pet Immunity visit ISC West booth #22001, or online at