You can rest easy knowing your home or business is monitored with an UL-certified central monitoring station, staffed 24/7 by live operators, ensuring a quick response to all alarms.
Cell Phone Alarm Security Connection

Cell Phone
Maxim Security Alarm Service provides superior service using dedicated wireless communications. Through the use of cellular transmission, no phone lines are needed to monitor your alarm system. An activated alarm signal is sent directly to our central monitoring station, where we contact the proper authorities. This wireless communication provides maximum protection and can be used as a primary or backup connection you your alarm system.

Intenet Protocol IP Alarm Security Connection

Internet Protocol (IP)
Faced with the absence of traditional telephone lines, the Internet is an alternative communication method that allows our customers to use their Internet connection to connect direct to our monitoring station. The alarm signals communicate over the Internet using a secure Internet connection.

Phone Line Alarm Security Connection

Phone line
A simple phone line can be utilized as a communication path to send your alarm signals to our UL certified Monitoring Station. Phone line monitoring protects against burglar, fire (smoke & heat), carbon monoxide, flood, temperature, asset protection and medical (panic) alarm events. A land line is the most cost effective way to have your security system monitored.