You can rest easy knowing your home or business is monitored with an UL-certified central monitoring station, staffed 24/7 by live operators, ensuring a quick response to all alarms.
PDA/Cellular Text & Reports

Video Reports
Receive text messages or videos pertaining to your business alarm system. Get alerted when the security system has been armed or disarmed, if motion is sensed in a specific area or check your system status, all through your PDA. Maxim Security Alarm Service can even tag valuables or equipment and notify you with a text message or email if they have been moved.

Video Reports provided by Maxim Security Alarm Service

Internet Protocol (IP)
Maxim Security Alarm Service helps you operate a safer and more productive enterprise. Using our real-time Video system and your PDA you can observe staff productivity, performance and behavior. You can monitor guest actions or disruptions as well as supervise returns and voids, monitor vandalism and loitering.


The AutoText module uses true SMS Messaging technology for notification of alarms and two-way customer interaction. The AutoText is completely customized to your needs. Combine the AutoText and Auto Client and we have the ability to handle alarms via text message without operator intervention; for example, a late-to-close could be sent via text message, the user can respond, provide authentication and extend the schedule. This fully flexible service encompasses multiple scenarios.


Email / Internet Access & Reports
Maxim Security Alarm Service provides cost-effective secure Internet alarm reporting. Receive your security reports via email or by logging into your online customer account. It makes getting onsite alarm reports quick and convenient. Receiving alarm reports via internet/intranet can save money versus traditional reporting.

Our Internet access and reporting includes features that allow you to keep track and control your system through the web. Your entire signal event history is saved, and can be viewed at any time, anywhere you have internet access. And real time email for systems arming, power failures, alarms and video.

This innovative technology allows you to remotely access your alarm system so you can arm and disarm your system, customize settings and view your systems status all from your mobile device or laptop. You are also able to view both recorded and live video of your property on your mobile device.


Maxim Security Alarm services provides daily alarm reports quickly and conveniently with fax customization.