Introducing ALEXOR. The Great Protector has been Unleashed.

Alexor Wireless Panel provides complete security upheld by THE POWER of SPEED

ISC WEST -- Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, April 1, 2009 – ALEXOR is the great protector, the center component, of DSC’s new 2-Way Wireless Security Suite*. ALEXOR is a wireless control panel, the “virtual” brain that communicates wirelessly to DSC wireless peripherals – both 2-Way and all other DSC 433MHz wireless devices. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly.

Designed for flexible, secure installation locations within the home; as long as there is access to AC power, ALEXOR operates via up to four wire-free keypads (the WT5500 Wire-free Keypad*). ALEXOR offers all the RELIABILTY of traditional wired/hybrid control panels but with all the convenience that wireless delivers.

Because ALEXOR is wireless, installers have fewer holes to drill and fewer wires to pull. It takes far less time to install than traditional wired or hybrid systems. Less installation time means more installations completed throughout each day and ultimately more installation and/or monitoring revenue in the installer’s pocket. And customers benefit too.

Wireless installation means less waiting around for the installer to complete the job and reduced compromise to their home structure.

DSC has designed two back-up communicators specifically for ALEXOR. The TL265GS Internet and GSM/GPRS Dual-Path Alarm Communicator* communicates via the IP or GSM/GPRS channels, and the GS2065 GSM/GPRS Wireless Alarm Communicator through the GSM/GPRS channel*. Both provide additional back-up (to the traditional phone line communication) alarm communication methods.

ALEXOR offers DSC’s RELIABLE wireless device enrollment & template programming to further simplify installation. The wireless device enrollment process ensures that installers no longer need to manually program serial numbers or wireless attributes. Template programming allows installers to quickly program the functions required for basic operation.

Not only is ALEXOR from DSC COMPATIBLE with all DSC 2-Way and 1-Way 433MHz wireless devices, but it also offers the legendary QUALITY our Distribution Partners and Dealers have come to expect from DSC. With so many complementary devices, ALEXOR is also FLEXIBLE enough for a wide variety of applications.

DSC designs and manufactures exceptional products that work when it matters most.
For more information on ALEXOR visit ISC West booth #22001, or online at

*See Press Release (April 1, 2009) on the new DSC 2-Way Wireless Security Suite