Maxim Security Reminds Home Owners of Holiday Hazards
Prevent Fires, Injuries, and even Deaths by Following Simple Advice

December 2010 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff estimates that, on average, about 12,000 consumers are treated in hospital emergency departments nationwide due to holiday-related decorating incidents. In addition, dried out Christmas trees are involved in hundreds of fires, resulting in an average of 17 deaths and $13 million in property damage annually. Candle related residential fires attended by fire departments are associated with an estimated annual average of 150 deaths and $385 million in property damage.

The good news is that these hazards in the home are preventable, and CPSC is providing consumers with a guide to a safer holiday.

The winter season has arrived, and as consumers prepare to make their homes merry and bright, we must also be thinking of Fire & Injury Prevention. What seem small at first could be the difference between happy holidays and a shattering misfortune. The common-sense safety tips include simple steps, such as careful candle placement and inspection of holiday lights for damage.

Maxim Security Alarm Service of Kansas City, MO. is a World Leader in Alarm Installation and Security Monitoring including Fire Monitoring.

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The National Fire Protection Association reported there was a civilian fire death every 175 minutes and a civilian fire injury every 31 minutes in 2009. Home fires caused 2,565, or 85%, of the civilian fire deaths.

The saying "it's better to be safe than sorry" has never rung so true. Make this Holiday Season the very best it really can be, with friends, family, and peace of mind knowing you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and secure environment. Contact Maxim Security today at (816) 348-3889, or on the web at for a free home security estimate today!

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